Episode 4

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16th Aug 2021

Driving to BanglaJess

I'm joined by vegan baker extraordinaire Jess Tonks, who recounts how she dealt with the pressure of her driving test. While learning to drive, Jess was flying all over the world for business and having that driving licence was going to make life a lot easier!

You'll also hear how Jess used an emergency stop as preparation for motorway driving, why she switched instructors and her top tips on passing first time.

Plus, we discuss some of the most annoying driving habits she sees on the road.

Check out Jess bakes vegan for amazing cookies, cakes and buns in the following places:



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Driving Test Tales
Driving Test Tales - stories and advice from those who've passed their driving test.
Ever wondered what other people do on their driving test? How did they pass? Did they do anything daft? What are the examiners like?

In this show I'll talk with people who have passed their driving test in a variety of circumstances. I'll get their thoughts on the examiners, the best time to take a test, ideas on how to prepare, unusual techniques they may have tried, whether eating a banana really works, and much more.

As a driving instructor I'll also being sharing my thoughts and asking the right questions to make sure there's no confusion.

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